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Regarding metrics api query


Regarding metrics api query

Hi Team,

I have configured javaagent (trail version) in two different machine (one in linux env and one in windows),and deployed same springboot rest api on both machine, and put same application name ,node name and tier name and to retrive metrics data api from we differentiate metrics api if we small changes in restapplication.

I got same metrics api from two machine:"

Kindly please resolve my issue.


Veerendra Srivastava

Mob No:8527933516


Regarding metrics api query

Re: Regarding metrics api query



The issue here is that the combination of tier name and node name are used by AppDynamics to uniquely identify one JVM.


Thus, your configuration has told us there is one JVM, and that is what you see.


If you give the 2 instances different tier names, or different node names, you will see both represented individually as you expect.


For reference, take a look at


Warm regards,


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