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Permanently Adding MULTIPLE MBeans for Monitoring in a Single Configuration




Is it possible to configure multiple MBeans to be added for permanent monitoring?


For example, if my JVM uses 7 different datasources, I'd like to monitor, let's say, the AvailableCount attribute of each of those 7 MBeans. Do I have to go in and create an individual configuration for EACH of the 7 datasources, or is there a way to wildcard the confoiguration to pick up all 7 of them?


Also, this become exceedingly critical when we start talking about JMS queues. We have over 150... performing this exercise 150 times might get a bit unwieldy.




You can use wildcards to define the JMX metric rules to get metrics for all the datasources:

for instance in a JBoss you get get the active count property from the following mbean:,data-source=MyDatasource_01,statistics=pool


When you define the metric rule you have to do it like this:

Object name Match,*,statistics=pool
Instance identifier: data-source


in the Object Name Match Patern you can even use the wildcard to replace several branches, i.e. if it were ",whatever=another_level,whatever=another_level,data-source=MyDatasource_01,statistics=pool" you could use ",*,statistics=pool".


the Instance Identifier is the instanced element you want to see separated, in your case you will have something similar to:,data-source=MyDatasource_01,statistics=pool,data-source=MyDatasource_02,statistics=pool



so you should use data-source as the instance identifier.


Hope I had help you.





Awesome. This worked perfectly. I appreciate the help!