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Orchestrated installation problems


I am in the process of orchestrating our AppD agent installations and I'm running into an issue. I'll outline the process then provide the error messages.

The orchestration is Chef, so my recipie is a modified version of cookbooks from GitHub. The modification is that I am attempting to decrypte the Chef databag containing the AppD account access key and sote key needed to encrypt the controller-info.xml values. I am following the AppD documentation (



1. Execute the recipie to pull down packages and databag.

2. execute the install of the .NET agent and Java agent.

3. pull the encrypted databag values, decrypte them locally

4. execute scs-tool.jar to encrypte these values and insert them into the controller-info.xml

5. Start the Machine agent service.


As far as I can see everything is behaving as expected until the start of the service. The service fails to start and throws the following in the output log.

I've verified the controller-info.xml format and it is correct no extra characters and no BOH character at the begining.

I've runing the recipie with admin crednetials and elevating the shells needed to complete the instllation.


I've seeing if anyone sees something I'm missing or maybe has a better idea of how to orchestrate and encrypted installation fo AppD agents.



[main] 16 Nov 2017 15:10:25,551  WARN FrameworkBootstrap - Failed to start framework Unable to create injector, see the following errors:

1) Could not read configuration file P:\Appdynamics\agent\conf\controller-info.xml
  while locating com.appdynamics.agent.sim.configuration.bootstrap.BootstrapConfigurationProvider......

Caused by: ParseError at [row,col]:[1,1]
Message: Content is not allowed in prolog.




Just following up on this.


It appears that the error message is not really a XML formating issues as more that this is an incorrectly obfuscated text value that cannot be read by the agent.

Caused by: Failed to deobfuscate:  Incorrectly formatted obfuscated text.

Are you able to open that xml fine in Internet explorer?

Also, try opening the xml in notepad, i remember having a similar issue and there was some obfuscated text, i edited it again and everything was normal.


perhaps open the xml in notepad and save it again as a new file with .xml extension (all files) and see if this works.




The file will open in text or browser with out issues and displays all values, its only when the agent attempts to de-obfuscate the store key that it fails, if we remove the obfuscation the agent starts normally, as soon as we walkt rhough the documented obfuscation steps is when the agent fails the with above error.

can you attach the xml file that gives errors?

I've destroyed that EC2 isntance, and as I mentioned we have made the choice to not use the AppD direction for obfuscating the account key at this time.