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No Load Detected for the Java Agent

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I have a JIRA instance on a linux server. We already have a controller. So, I downloaded th java agent in that server and extratced to a folder in /opt. In the gave the full path for javaagent.jar and in /opt/Appagent/conf/controller-info.xml gave host-name, node-name, application-name , port, tier. And then restarted the server. In my App dynamics dashboards it shows the Application name and when I click on it it say No load for Time Range. Please help me solve this.



No Load Detected for the Java Agent
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Got this from the log 



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello, from your log, it looks like your account name and key are missing from your  controller-info.xml configuration.


This page explains how to get the values to use:


But what I recommend is getting the agent from the Java Getting Started Wizard in the UI. That way, you'll get the settings you need for your instance preconfigured in the config file.