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New version of Docker flags vulnerablities in JDK8+ installer


When testing the JDK8+ agent installer using the latest version of Docker Desktop locally... Docker flags up some vulnerabilities within the installer packages.


Have included screenshots of those identifed for the last two releases.

Are there plans to remove these from upcoming releases please?

Screenshot from 2023-02-24 16-51-45.pngScreenshot from 2023-02-24 16-51-22.png


Latest versionLatest versionDecember 2022December 2022



Community Manager

Hi @Richard.Hewitt,

Thanks for sharing this with the Community. Since this issue is about vulnerabilities, I would recommend contacting Support to escalate. 

How do I submit a Support ticket? An FAQ 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi Ryan, thanks for your prompt response... will do... Thank you.