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Monitoring Oracle Api Gateway (OAG)


I have a Oracle Api Gateway that I need to monitor and capture some errors. It is a very old version, actually deprecated by Oracle.

There are two nodes who have the jvm agents but the information gathered is very poor.

Following my provider instructions, I could use the log extension.

¿Anyone have experience with this kind of platform? ¿Which of all logs extensions I could use for this?

I'm thinking in this extension:


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello, @Pablo.Jaña

I conferred with @Vishaka.Balasubramanian Sekar and she said you're on the right track with the extension you named above.
I hope this resolved your question, but please do let us know here either way!

Claudia Landivar, Community Manager & Editor

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Thanks @Claudia.Landivar. And @Pablo.Jaña Yes please let us know how it goes.