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MIDC creation


MIDC creation

Hi all,

I want to collect the URL values under crv. How can I do this with the help of MIDC?
method invocationmethod invocation

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MIDC creation

Re: MIDC creation

Hi ahmed


From what I can see the following should work for the MIDC



Collect Data from : Invoked Object

Getter Chain : crv.url


Best way is to test it using live preview, transaction splitting before adding it:)



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Re: MIDC creation

thanks Mario for usual help,
i did as you said exactly but it through an error when it visualize the data collector value in the snapshot as it couldn't identify what is crv is apparently it's something generated by the java agent itself. to solve this issue i did the following i created data collector on the class inside crv as follows:
class name: com.ecetera.appdynamics.movieztream.service.util.CreditCardValidator

method name: getUrl()

and it returned data thank you for your helpful answer that helped me to get that solution.