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LOAD graph values on Tier Flow Map view



We have several tiers with several Business Transactions and several Service Endpoints (in fact almost the traffic used to be detected under Service Endpoints) but the load values are not the expected ones.


The tier flow map shows the following load:


That seems to be the Business Transactions values:


But the service endpoints of that tier are executing a lot of calls (a higher value of calls):ServiceEndpoints_Values.PNG

The Service endpoint load graph displays the expected values:


From our point of view the tier load should take into account all the calls under the BTs, I mean, also add all the service endpoints calls, but seems not be the case...


We need to confirm how dbAPM calculates the calls values displayed in the Load graph under  the Tier Flow Map view.


Which entities are taking into account to obtain that values?

Please kindly confirm it.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Thanks Allan,


Yes, the SE graph seems to be the correct value but… How to solve that huge difference between BTs and SEs metrics? Which changes should we done on detection rules in order to have the right metrics on the BTs too?

We have a dashoard for support team and we see that some tiers displays the right metrics on BT load but anothers don´t (and all of them have the same configuration) so metrics cannot be used as expected...


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