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Kubernetes auto scaling

Hi All!


I have a K8S cluster where we host an application with auto scaling capabilities.

This is a Java app - Tomcat  and I already instrumented the containers.

This works fine, however, when I scale up and after that scale down, the nodes are staying there.

So the node list gonna be an ever growing list as  every time I add/remove nodes the container names will be different/random names.

Is there any way to purge automatically the dead/removed containers?

I can do that manually but due the the nature of the auto scaling cluster, would make sense to delete them automatically.


sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-8m8sp 1/1 Terminating 0 9m37s
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-jw42d 1/1 Terminating 0 9m37s
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-k5zpz 1/1 Terminating 0 9m37s
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-ktnfq 1/1 Terminating 0 9m37s
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-lnxxm 1/1 Terminating 1 11d
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-lwhlr 1/1 Terminating 2 12d
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-rnrw7 1/1 Terminating 0 9m37s
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-rw5m6 1/1 Terminating 1 11d
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-sphbx 1/1 Running 1 11d
sanyitomcat-7dd66c99fb-v8vrj 1/1 Terminating 0 9m37s
sim-k8s-agent-fkdfr 1/1 Running 1 11d
sim-k8s-agent-ksl57 1/1 Running 1 11d
sim-k8s-agent-w4wk7 1/1 Running 1 11d




Thank you for your help!




AppDynamics Team (Retired)



Thank you for posting the question on the AppDynamics community.


From the description, it appears to me that you have not enabled node reuse. The following flag enables node reuse so containers would be overwritten and you don't need to purge them. 




Hope it helps. Let's know how it goes.