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Java -> .Net Web Service Transaction correlation issue

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I have a web service call being triggered from JBoss Java Node to .Net Node which finally terminates to database using ADO .Net call.


Both the Java and .Net tiers are instrumented. The issue is as follows:

1. In snap "java-ws-call" we can see call from Java Node to Web Service. This Web Service is served by instrumented .Net Node. 
2. Instead of showing the same transaction being carried downstream till the database it is hown as new transaction at .Net level Node, as can be seen in "dotnet-to-db-call" snap attached.

Snap attached for drilldown at both tier levels to identify that the transaction is the same.


Also tried setting the below node agent property to true as suggested in link below for successful correlation, but no luck.


Property Name: enable-soap-header-correlation 
Type: Boolean 
Value: true





To troubleshoot this, we will need agent DEBUG logs from the upstream and downstream tiers involved in this interaction (preferably, under a light load that only follows this path)


You can request agent log files from the node menu of the JVM / CLR in question.  Debug logs are specified as shown:

Debug log requestDebug log request

If you prefer not to upload logs to a public forum, please open a support ticket and supply the logs there.


Warm regards,

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Thanks Peter. Following up with support on same.