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Java Object instance tracking


Java Object instance tracking



We are trying to enabe Object Instance Tracking (OIT) for a Java node and we get this following message,


There is no object instance data.  This could be caused by the following reasons:

[1] This feature is only supported for Oracle JVMs. It does not work for JRockit or IBM JVMs.

[2] tools.jar is not in the JVM classpath. You must add it to the classpath and restart the JVM.


[1] - Yes, it is a an Oracle JVM

[2] - here, does "JVM class path" refers to java.home?



Please note the application is being run by "JDK"


The doc says  "This feature requires tools.jar to be in JRE_HOME/lib/ext.

If you are running with the JDK then tools.jar will probably be setup correctly, but if you are running with the JRE you must add tools.jar to JRE_HOME/lib/ext and restart the JVM for this feature to start working"



When it says "...If you are running with the JDK then tools.jar will probably be setup correctly..", where exactly should it have been set up ?


Now, the current path for tools.jar is "\\ms\dist\msjava\PROJ\oraclejdk\1.8.0_121\lib\tool.jar"


What needs to be done to get this work? do we need to copy "\ms\dist\msjava\PROJ\oraclejdk\1.8.0_121\lib\tool.jar" to "/ms/dist/msjava/PROJ/oraclejdk/1.8.0_162/.exec/@sys/jre/lib/ext" ?


Application team doesn't want to create /lib/ext under "/ms/dist/msjava/PROJ/oraclejdk/1.8.0_162/.exec/@sys/jre" as it is a shared location.


Can someone please advise how we can get this working?






Java Object instance tracking