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Java Agent doesn't start in Docker container




I have created a docker image using:

  • OpenJDK 
  • glassfish 5.1
  • etc.

and installed the java appagent t inside the container where glassfish is running. 


and configured the glassfish:

  • to use the JVM parameter -javaagent:/opt/appdynamics/appagent/javaagent.jar.
  • modified for glassfish to use com.singularity.*
  • the agent /opt/appdynamics/appagent/javaagent.jar is unzipped inside the container where glassfish is running

The controller doesn't receive any events not does there are any log files generated where the agent is located. We are using appdynamics on-premise successfully with the above configuration without any dockerization. 


Without logs, it is pretty difficult to trouble shoot the issue. Any advise would be apprecited.



Do you have any output at all from the glassfish startup?


When you say "the agent /opt/appdynamics/appagent/javaagent.jar is unzipped inside the container where glassfish is running" do you mean that the only file in the container is javaagent.jar?  If so, that is the root cause of your issue.  You need the entire agent directory structure as contained in the agent zip for the agent to function.

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It is the complete directory structure. The agent is unzipped in a particular folder i.e./opt/appdynamics/appagent/javaagent.jar. The glassfish logs are showing nothing related to the failure/success. We are successfully running the same configuration in our prod env for sometime, it just fails with docker setup.