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Issue on installing Weblogic Agent


Issue on installing Weblogic Agent

Hi Guys,


Good Day!


We're having an issue with regards with the installation of Weblogic. Here's the scenario, we have two servers and we've installed both servers but Server 2 is not reporting (both Internarl and CE) and Server 1 it's just the Internal that is reporting. We already checked the start up script and the conf file and as checked all were good. Please see attached file.

Issue on installing Weblogic Agent
AppDynamics Team

Re: Issue on installing Weblogic Agent



Could you please send us following details to investigate it further


1) Execute following command and send us the process details for which you do not have agent reporting


ps -ef |grep "java"


2) agent configuration file  controller-info.xml file located under <agent-install-dir>/conf folder


3) Zipped agent logs if generated


4) Server stdout logs to check for any errors





Re: Issue on installing Weblogic Agent

Hi Rajesh,


Good Day!


Server is down so I cannot perform the ps -ef |grep "java" but I have the agent.log and the controller-info.xml. And for the Server 2 there is no agent.log (not reporting), please see attachment.


Thank you!


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