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Instrument IBM cognos with AD

Instrument IBM cognos with AD


I would like to ask at community, if somebody has instrument IBM cognos with AD completly?

We instrument the java processes, also the iis server.

But now, which pojo rules and so on did you configure?



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Instrument IBM cognos with AD
AppDynamics Team

Re: Instrument IBM cognos with AD

I haven't done this, but my understanding is that IBM Cognos is mostly a native application that's wrapped by a Java application server.

The application server receives HTTP requests and calls the native application to execute most of the business logic.


If I'm right about that, then you should see the requests entering the Java process as HTTP requests with the default configuration.

If you inspect the snapshots for these requests, I suspect you will see "bottlenecks" in the Java method(s) that calls the native Cognos application.

You would configure those calls as custom Exit Points:

You will then see the timing of the native calls.


You can't do much more that without access to build the native source code with the AppDynamics C/C++ agent API.



Brian Wheeldon

Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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