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How can i install Java agent in linux jboss server when download from download center the video shows steps of agent downloaded from start wizard

Re: Installation

Not sure i understand your question fully but looks like you want to install java agent for jbosss on linux server?

You can download the zip and unzip on the server.


Re: Installation

yes u have got it right .i have downloaded agent java jboss agent and extrated it in server

what will be my next step. actually i read from document but can't get it .

means for jboss we have put -javaagent fullpath in start script can u please tell me how to do that and how to connect if my agent and controller are in different machine.


Re: Installation

it is in linux


Re: Installation

You are correct that you need to add the -javaagent option to your JBoss start script.


I am not sure if you have reviewed the instructions in the documentation which describes how to do this for JBoss; if so, does it raise any specific questions?


In terms of connecting the agent to the controller, you need to provide a controller-host and contoller-port setting that is used by the agent to locate the controller.  If these point to a remote controller, that is what the agent will connect to.


controller host and controller port can be set in the agent's controller-info.xml file, or as system properties on the JVM command line, as described in the general agent configuration documentation.


I hope this information helps.


Warm regards,




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