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IBM MQ monitoring with AppDynamics prerequisites


Hi all,


We are configuring the MQ extension for AppDynamics. We get 2 different types of errors. I don't know the exact MQ prerequisites that the extension needs to get the data from MQ.


Do we need to enable any MQ statistics? Currently, we don't have any statistics enabled.

Is there a debug log level to see where the following errors come from?


Error 1:

ERROR MetricWriteHelper - The metric is not valid OnQTime

Error 2:

WARN QueueMetricsCollector - PCF parameter is null in response for Queue:




Hi Todd, 


The pre-requisities, installation and configuration steps of the IBM MQ Monitoring extension have been listed on the Exchange Page

You can find out how to enable debug logs and trouble missing metrics using Troubleshooting Document. If you still run into issues, please feel free to contact us at



Vishaka Sekar