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IBM MQ Workbench Challenges


Hi, all:

I'm struggling with getting the IBM MQ extension working (right now, just trying to get the Workbench going). I started off by adding our controller hostname, port, and key in the controller-info.xml file, but the error logs continue to throw out the following: "WARN RegistrationTask - Encountered error during registration. Will retry in 60 seconds." I've validated the controller hostname, port, and key in the controller-info.xml file, and that it is readable by the user owning the machine agent process. startup.out shows no errors/warnings.

After bumping up logging to debug, I receive the following: " Method: SimMachinesAgentService#registerMachine(SimMachineMinimalDto) - Result: 401 Unauthorized - content:"


I obtained the port and key from our controller admin team, so I'm confident they are correct. Is there,perhaps, some other action that needs to be taken in order to get the machine agent to start up?



It looks as if you may have the machine agent in "server visibility" mode wthout a server visibility license available.


You can see how to turn server visibility on (or by inference, off) here.

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Well, I've set sim-enabled to both true and false, with no change in behavior. By way of a sanity check, does the machine agent have to be up and running to access the workbench for the extension? Without starting the machine agent, I can get to the extension's workbench page, it's just not showing any metrics. (Just trying to narrow the scope of things that could go wrong).