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How to unregister batch tier




We have a tier related to a java process. The point is that this tier is related to a batch process. However, it is recognized as a normal process and it is not unregistered after a time although it finished its function time before.


So, is there any way to control the time in which a node can be unregistered automatically if it doesn't have any traffic for a time?





AppDynamics Team

Hi @Carlos.Ortega,


Thank you for your post to the community!


The AppDynamics provides Node Activity Settings.

In the settings, a retention period setting will match your request. It defines how long Nodes are kept on the Controller UI after finishing.

You can set a small value to the retention period.

Or you can also use ‘’ property which marks node historical at JVM shutdown.


I hope this document below will help you well.


Best regards,



Hi @Hirokazu.Mori,


thanks for your answer. Can you recommend to me some values for the time retention period, please?


also, using "", Are going to be disconnected the agents after being used? We have a point that these nodes are connected but they did their function and after it, they are connected for some time instead of being unregistered.



Thank you for your reply!

A suitable retention period value depends on your requirement.
What I can say is if your process works periodically and you would like to delete a node to the process during waiting time to the next, a retention period must be smaller than that repeating period, otherwise the node will stay on the controller UI.
A retention period is the elapsed time after a node loses a connection to a process, no data transfer happens or a JVM is shutdown.
Therefore I guess a retention period setting will work well as long as no data transfer happens.

And "" only works after a JVM shutdown.
This makes a node historical and the node will disappear soon after a JVM shutdown. 

I hope this answer can help you.

Best regards,




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