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How to install java agent in Tableau application




I have to instrument the java agent for a tableau application. I am able to update the config file after extracting the agent files. But I need help in updating the java parameter. 


Georg.von Sperling
AppDynamics Team

Hi @neha.Dev 


I looked around and in the long distant past someone else had success instrumenting Tableau on Windows. It turned out that Tableau doesn't quite like having property files edited directly. At the time (Tableau 10.1), all the parameters had to be set with /bin/tabadmin in via that Command Line Interface (CLI).


Since then, a quick search on Google showed me that this CLI is "legacy" according to and something new, called TSM, is introduced. I would suggest reaching out to Tableau and their support to see HOW to set these parameters on their application. 


I am not certain that if it helps on how this is done with the TSM thing mentioned in that link above, but


1.) the following services were modified with the AppDynamics parameters with the tabadmin CLI

  • tabadmin set backgrounder.vmopts ...
  • tabadmin set dataserver.vmopts ...
  • tabadmin set searchserver.vmopts ...
  • tabadmin set vizportal.vmopts ...

2.) followed by the following 2 commands to propagate the settings

  • tabadmin config
  • tabadmin restart

I have no further details available on this. Hope this helps you in your investigation.