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How to configure Appdynamics with SpringBoot Application


Hi Team, Please provide the steps to configure Appdynamic with SpringBoot application in local machine.


I got 15 days Apdynamicsportatl  free , 

I created springboot rest Appliciaton and it is workign fine

Login to Appdynamic portal and went to gettingstarted , downloaded java agent .  I couldnt find much steps in appdynamic documentation.


I need steps to further integration with SpringBoot Applicaiton. Please help on this.





OK, so the good news is that we have established that your agent installation is fine.


Does your spring boot application work fine when the agent is loaded via the command line?


What does the "jps -v" command show when it is running?


It might be easier to troubleshoot this via a support ticket if we don't uncover anything via the above suggestions.

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