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How to Obtain a Triggered Health Rule Alert/Event Programmatically (Java)

New Member



I have a need to periodically pull a specific health rule to identify whether a violation has occurred. This needs to be done through a Java program in order to trigger some other events in our applications.


I understand that AppDynamics offers several health rule related APIs, specified here:


However, I cannot find one to provide a health rule is being violated at a given time.


My question is, is there such API exposed by App Dynamics to listen to such event by periodically pulling such information, preferably an HTTP request?


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Malvon.Kamil ,

Thank you for posting to the community.

There is an API which returns all health rules violations for a given application.
Please see document below and search for "Retrieve All Health Rule Violations in a Business Application".

Retrieve All Health Rule Violations in a Business Application

Returns all health rule violations that have occurred in an application within a specified time frame. 

Best Regards,

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