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How do I create a heap dump with AppD?

New Member

Typically in a java application we do specify the following JVM arguments like:





-XX:OnOutOfMemoryError="< cmd args >;< cmd args > 



Is it possible to get the Heap dump using AppD without having to specify the arguments above? I don't think AppD gives as much capabilities of analyzing a heap dump like Eclipse MAT etc. Which gives information on which are the objects that are responsible for the memory leak etc. and more details.

How do I create a heap dump with AppD?
AppDynamics Team



You are corect that, being a real-time APM solution, we do not provide forensic heap dump analysis capabilties.


We do, however, provide a set of memory diagnostic capabiltiies to help you pinpoint the root cause of memory leaks; these capabilities are documented here.


Warm regards,


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