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Get java version via REST API?


Get java version via REST API?



Is there a way to get the java version via the REST API?  /applications/foo/nodes seems like the logical resource but doesn't have the java version.  It does have the machine and app agent type and version but I don't see the java version anywhere.



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Get java version via REST API?
Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Re: Get java version via REST API?

Hello John,


We don't have a public API to fetch the JVM details as of now. 

If you are on-prem controller and you have access to the database, you can use below SQL query to know the JVM version.


select as appName, as tierName, as nodeName, ag.type as agentType,
ag.agent_version as agentVersion, ag.agent_runtime as agentRunTime
from application app
inner join application_component ac on ac.application_id =
inner join application_component_node acn on acn.application_component_id =
inner join application_component_node_agent_mapping acnm on
inner join agent ag on
inner join account a on = app.account_id