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Failed to integrate Spring boot webapp in Azure


Hi Team,
I am trying to add Spring boot web app in Azure cloud with 15 day's trial version of AppDynamics but not successful till now.
If I am trying to integrate after downloading java agents local, it works.  
Can some help me pls? 





How are you deploying your application?  How are you trying to inject the agent?  Do you have a copy of the agent logs?


Warm regards,


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Hi Team,
I am deploying spring boot web app directly without using container which I am running using the command  "java -jar appname". I followed steps provide by you in App Dynamics for Azure. 

Hello pankaj.singh,

It depends on what options you are choosing in Azure. Are you creating a new "Web App" as shown in the screenshot below? This is very different than choosing a Virtual Machine based instance or choosing a container-based image from the marketplace.



Could you please validate that there is a log file that is located within /LogFiles/AppDynamics/JavaAgent/ ?  The file should start with agent.* 


Please check that, and let me know.  This will let me know IF the agent is starting or not.






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