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Error when installing controller


Error when installing controller

Task failed: Starting AppDynamics Controller on host: with message: Got a failed URI [<a href="<a href="http://localhost:8090/controller/rest/serverstatus" target="_blank">http://localhost:8090/controller/rest/serverstatus</a>" target="_blank"><a href="http://localhost:8090/controller/rest/serverstatus" target="_blank">http://localhost:8090/controller/rest/serverstatus</a></a>] response with code [500], message [].

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Error when installing controller

Error while installing controller

Getting error - Failed to reach the controller at! Please help

Tried installing with Enterperise Console as well


Setting the Controller database state based on user configuration may take a few seconds...
Applying User Configuration to AppDynamics Controller Database State...
Applying User Configuration Complete.
Configuring the Secure Credential Store
Configuring Controller to finalize the setup. This may take a few minutes...
Metadata Service database migration...
Database Monitoring Service db migration...
Starting AppDynamics Controller...
Waiting for the domain to start /home/ubuntu/appdynamics/controller/
Verifying the Controller server status...
Failed to reach Controller at!
Contact AppDynamics support for assistance.

Setup will now quit.
Finishing installation ...