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Error in URL-Monitor

New Poster

I'm getting the following error in the machine-agent.log file for URL-Monitor


Error creating environment task
org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerException: null; mapping values are not allowed here; in 'reader', line 83, column 17:
username: DV_RO


Here is the URL that is causing the error


#SAP Healthchecks
- name: SAP-ROI-Healthcheck
url: https://sap-domain?senderParty=DesignView&senderService=BC_DesignView&receiverParty=&receiverService...
followRedirects: false
authType: BASIC
username: DV_ROI
password: password
groupName: SAP


I've run the YAML against a lint program and it's valid YAML so can't understand why it's failing.

This is the only URL that uses BASIC authentication. I have other URLs that use other authentication methods without any problems. 




New Poster

I've managed to resolve this issue now. It was down to the indentation in my config.yml file that was causing the problem. Fixed now. 

Hi @Dominic.Burford,


Thanks for following up and letting the community know the solution!


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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