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Error Detection


Error Detection

I am trying to ignore a known exception from the BT's by configuring the error detection. Attached the screenshots of the exceptions. and error detection configuration.


i have tried all the possible ways to ignore the errors, but i am not able to do. I am missing something over here for sure, because Error detection worked for other exceptions.


Error configuration tried:


and Exception message is not empty



and Exception message is not empty


Please help me to figure it out.




Error Detection

Re: Error Detection

Are you looking to have the BTs not marked as failed or are you wanted to not see this error in the list at all?


The latter is what we were hoping for, but the product does not function in that manner. The errors will always be listed and enumerate the error count, but they just won't mark the BT as failed.


Can you post a screenshot of what your error detection exemption looks like?