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Dropwizard montior config.yml server: line not understood?

New Poster

i am confused what i put in config.yml under server section in Machineagent/current/monitor/Dropwizard/config.yml.


servers: - uri: http://osxltnredd.local:8081/metrics

displayName: metrics




I am not able to understand server: section I am running 3 java service on single vm with 3 app agent . I want to add dropwizard montoring can any one pls share how i can do that i have downloaded and followed steps from but this is not working for me as i am unable to get server: line. what i did i unzip dropwizard and restarted machine agent thats all.


AppDynamics Team

Hi Ankjain,


Servers: - uri: should point to you dropwizard health metric URL path.


For more details, please refer link:


For Example:

#Dropwizard Health Metric URL path
  - uri: http://<<dropwizard_host>>:<<health_metrics_port>>/metrics
    displayName: metrics

- - -

With Regards,

L. Narendra Reddy

dropwizard health metric URL path ?



So its mean i have to run any dropwizard server i thought appdynamocs itself catch it by capturing from java application wen i put in monitors folder. I have java service running nothing else. 



Can you help me which server i need to run to get dropwizard metrics and do i need to code anything in java to report ?

Hi Ankjain,


Is your Java application a dropwizard based application. If not, try to get some sample dropwizard application dowloading and run is.


Verify if you are able to fetch using URL: 



If yes, please download a standalone machine agent and install the dropwizard monitoring extension (By changing the config.yml file accordingly) .


- - -

With Regards,

L. Narendra Reddy