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Does AppDynamics support monitoring of Spring Boot Actuator Metrics


Can AppDynamics process Spring Boot Actuator metrics, so they can displayed/graphed and monitored? The values are available via JMX but it's not as straight forward to retrieve values. In fact, the JMX retriever doesn't seem to work with it at all. 


These values can also be retrieved via HTTP requests (the URL is pretty standard) as per standard Spring Boot 2.1+. The base URL can be given, the metric names can be retrieved via different URL and hence these can be retrieved. Can AppDynamics handle retrieving these metrics automatically and allow for them to be displayed/graphed etc?





AppDynamics Team

Hi @Ian.Rowlands,


Thank you for posting to the community.


Unfortunately, AppDynamics doesn't support Spring Boot Actuator out of the box.
However, you may be able to use JMX metrics or information points to gather needed values.


JMX metrics 
-> By exposing Spring Actuator metrics as Mbean JMX attributes, you can create metrics from them


Information points 
->You can gather information from executed methods


Note that Information points are evaluated based on the execution of the method on which they are placed.
You also need to be able to see the source code of the executed method for configuration.


Best Regards,

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