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De-registering java agent from AppConsole

New Member

I have a AWS Load Balancer that points to a web application front-end series of servers that are Auto Balnced, so they spin-up (or down) depending on load. Each of these servers have AppAgent and Machine Agents running on them as nodes to a common tier shoiwng in the AppDynamics console.


My question is, how can I get agents to "de-register" themselves to the AppConsole when they shutdown so when I look at the console I only see running servers? Right now, as they are shut-down they are still showing in the console and I have to manually "delete" nodes that have been shut down.


Or maybe a better way to say it is, can I send a message from a shutting down server to the console to delete a particular node?





You need to mark the nodes as historical when they shutdown, using the agent property, or alternatively, there is a controller API you can call to mark nodes as historical.


Once marked as historical, nodes are automatically purged


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