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Datapower instrumentation

Hello Community
We already have implemented the datapower extension but it doesn't make the job since we already have the metrics from dpod, and there's no correlation between an event and the application so no integration in the app flow map.
Thus i would like to know if someone has already developed a solution to instrument Datapower.
Any idea is welcome.



I am sharing with the community a feedback I got from a Datapower expert.


  1. DataPower is usually installed as a virtual or a physical appliance and not as software (although it can be installed as software for cloud deployments but that's not relevant for Elal).
  2. DataPower's OS is hardened and thus we cannot install an agent on it.
  3. There's an AppDynamics extension for DataPower that uses "SOMA" (DataPower's XML Management web service) but it doesn't give us all the metrics we want .../... 
  4. Another approach we were looking into is to create a DataPower agent.
    1. DataPower has an implementation of node.js (AKA GatewayScript) but some of the core libraries are implementations that are unique to DataPower. It means we need to customize the existing appdynamics node.js agent (
    2. Another setback is that the node.js in DataPower isn't a node process that is always up. It starts a node process as part of a transaction that travels through DataPower and only when it is configured to do so. So, we believe that this approach will have some overhead as we need to start a new connection to AppDynamics for every transaction


Does someone have experimented such a solution or a similar one using node.js and can share feedback with screenshots ?