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Custom Match Rule - BTs not availble



I have written a custom match rule using regex and ran a live preview. It is picking the load and not masked by any transaction. But still it is not available under Business transaction list.


Any suggesstions pls.



Hi @antonyahappa.Santhanamarian,

I'm also having the same issue. Did you get any update or find a solution to the issue?




Yes. These are few possibilities.

Check in All other Traffic. If the transaction is masked then unmask it.

Other option is to run a live trail to identify the masked transaction.


If both doesn''t helps check whether the transaction lock down is enabled. If yes, you need to disable and see the traffic. But the problem here is all the new BTs will be loaded . You need to exclude the unwanted BTs and then lock the BT once the expected BTs are visible.


It takes time to remove the unwanted BT and sometimes hundreds of new BTs will be loaded if your application is big. So be careful when you try this.