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Corretto 8, tools.jar (classpath)


Corretto 8, tools.jar (classpath)

Is there any point in getting tools.jar into the classpath for Corretto 8 installations w/AppDs agent?


In our AWS Beanstalk automation for instances using OpenJDK Java 1.8, we had a bit of machinery extending classpath to include the JDK's tools.jar (with the understanding that that was required for some of AppD's more advanced features).



says that at least some advanced features are not available with Corretto 8/11.


So does AppD not utilize Corretto 8 JDK's tools.jar?  If so, how, and for what?

Or is it of no use there now, and we can stop jumping through classpath hoops?


Thanks for any insights.

Corretto 8, tools.jar (classpath)