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Call graph drilldown

Hello All,


Please see the attached screen shot


We have been asked if AppDynamics excluding all class path libraries? If so, it won’t be possible to perform deep troubleshooting as most of the interesting stuff is missing, for example 30.2 sec call in PFS, but from call stacks we only see that the service was called and that’s it


Is there was way to instrumnet the app further or is this a limittaion in such scenarios? Please advise





Hi sundar,

I think what you need is to include more packages in call graph details.
Please check the following option
App - configurations - instrumentation and then Call Graph Settings
You can see what all is excluded by details and you can set configs to include package of your interest.
Keep in mind, depending on the numbers of packages and classes you add, you may see some over head, always good to test such configs before doing config changes in production.


Hi Gurmitsa,


How do we identify which package needs to be added? If you see the snapshot that i attached the drilldown just stops at 'Servlet:service' that has taken more than 30 secs. Does AppD expects to add package to drill down these common service calls that take longer time?


or could you please advise which package needs to be added in this specific case?


Appreciate you help!










Does not look like its stopping, i see another PJO call also recorded.

perhaps you need to talk to the App SME to deintify the flow and go from there.


or the other things you can do is, disable all the default excludes and see if you get more information on the call graph.




Hi Gurmitsa,


The question was initially raised by the AppDev, they doubt AppDynamics excluding all class path libraries to be drilled down to understand where exactly 30 secs is spent within "Servlet:service" as you see in the screenshot


What is trying to undertsnd is, this is a IBM webspehere App hat has been instrumented. Based on the callgraph that we see, what packages that need to be removed from exclusion list or even included. Could you suggest?


Also, doesnt look like we can exclude any packages list under "Call Graph Settings", except 'com.mongodb.connection.*' . If there are any specific sub-packages that can be included for IBM webspehere app, please let us know which ones and how.