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Business transactions and Struts


Business transactions and Struts

I'm using 4.5.x.


I have a vendor app that seems to use a combination of Struts and JSPs.  Even with the same code, on some servers the business transactions are named after Struts actions ("someAction.execute") and on others they are named after JSPs (something.jsp.)  In the latter case, if I look at the transaction snapshots, I can see that the URLs are all Struts URLs like  Additionally, different snapshots for the same JSP business transaction will have different Struts action URLs.  That is, and are both grouped under a business transaction named something.jsp.


As far as I can tell the AppD business transactions are defined the same way in all environments.  So why does AppD seem to focus on JSPs vs Struts actions on different servers?  The inconsistency makes it hard to compare servers and environments.  I don't think I have much of an opinion yet on which way is better, but I want it consistent across servers.


FWIW, nearly all URLs in the access log are Struts actions and not JSPs, so I think the JSPs I'm seeing in the business transactions are Struts action forwards.


Thank you


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Business transactions and Struts