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AppDynamics API for downloads


I'm just starting to delve into the APIs, with an initial interest in automating the download and install of the Java Agent onto a Linux or Solaris host server.


My very early playing around has led me to be able to interrogate the controller to find the schema version....


curl --user me@myaccount:mypassword http://mycontroller:8090/controller/rest/configuration?name=schema\.version


... which returns...





  <description>Current version of the controller&apos;s schema, used to track upgrades.</description>





Now that I can do some scripting to find out my controller version (i.e. 004-002-007-001), it'd be great to use that version number in a rest call to the downloads.


Are there a restful api endpoints for the Java Agent for Sun and for IBM JVMs? 



There's no rest interface to the AppDynamics downloads site as far as I can tell, you could however simply do a get as the filename can be determined: - this is the agent for the SUN - this is the IBM agent


Alernatively, you could host the versions in your own internal network and simply get this by your own naming standard. You may want to deploy a later version of the agent (same major/minor version) than you are running on the controller so if you always copy/GET the latest 4.2.X version. This would require the versions/media to be maintained however.