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AppDynamics API for downloads


AppDynamics API for downloads

I'm just starting to delve into the APIs, with an initial interest in automating the download and install of the Java Agent onto a Linux or Solaris host server.


My very early playing around has led me to be able to interrogate the controller to find the schema version....


curl --user me@myaccount:mypassword http://mycontroller:8090/controller/rest/configuration?name=schema\.version


... which returns...





  <description>Current version of the controller&apos;s schema, used to track upgrades.</description>





Now that I can do some scripting to find out my controller version (i.e. 004-002-007-001), it'd be great to use that version number in a rest call to the downloads.


Are there a restful api endpoints for the Java Agent for Sun and for IBM JVMs? 

AppDynamics API for downloads

Re: AppDynamics API for downloads

There's no rest interface to the AppDynamics downloads site as far as I can tell, you could however simply do a get as the filename can be determined: - this is the agent for the SUN - this is the IBM agent


Alernatively, you could host the versions in your own internal network and simply get this by your own naming standard. You may want to deploy a later version of the agent (same major/minor version) than you are running on the controller so if you always copy/GET the latest 4.2.X version. This would require the versions/media to be maintained however.


Re: AppDynamics API for downloads

Actually there is a way and its documented here: