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what is the difference between prometheus and Appdynamics kubernetes monitoring?

what is a difference between Prometheus and Appdynamics Kubernetes Monitoring ?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Dinesh,


We are already tracking this ticket as part internal ticket, however please check below articles on this.




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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Prometheus is a CNCF project and is Open Source. It has better integration into the container metrics and can automatically scale up and down the application based on demand. See for clear comparison with other Open Source players in the area.


The main Prometheus server runs standalone and has no external dependencies, but for production-grade dashboards, it recommends to use Grafana. See


Coming to Kubernetes monitoring from AppD, it's not free and the product is still evolving :-) You need the Server Visibility license for Kubernetes Monitoring to work. For production-grade dashboards and metrics, you don't have to approach third-party tools but you get them all on the AppDynamics Controller. See for more information.


Here are the restrictions on the latest version:


  • Only Docker Container Runtime is supported.
  • Only APM-monitored application metrics are collected.
  • Only pod and ReplicaSet labels are supported, which implies only pods are monitored.

 That said, we are actively working towards enhancing the current version.