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VMWare module metrics limit reached


VMWare module metrics limit reached



I have a problem with the limited metrics sent to the controller. It's limited to 450 metrics. Tt's very little for supervising multiple VMs. Do you know how to unlock unlimited send metrics without editing the java file? (I can't edit it in my company, no java editor and I am not authorized to download a compiler)?


If we use all metrics you can have 17 metrics by servers and 7 by hosts, I have 19 hosts, basically, I only can have 1 or 2 VM to fully supervise by hosts. (if my hosts are fully supervised) in my case, I have only 1 or 2 elements supervised by server/hosts...





thx for help




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VMWare module metrics limit reached

Re: VMWare module metrics limit reached

not limited by the vmware module, limited by the machine agent.


if we put the option:


in the ./bin/MachineAgentService.vmoptions you chages the limit