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Service availability on HTTPS URL's - does the machine agent require certs?


We have a client using an on-prem non-https controller, currently we are attempting to add HTTPS URL's to Service Availability and have noticed that we get 404 errors. Do we have to create a keystore for the machine agent and import the relevant cert?


Community Manager

Hi @Paul.Szoke,


I see you also created a support ticket for this question. Can you please share the learnings and outcomes of that conversation back on the thread. This helps keep knowledge sharing alive inside the community.



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Paul,


We see machine agent runs on JRE and makes java HTTP client calls to Service availability URLs using JRE part of machine agent which usually uses the certs from <Machineagent_dir>/conf/ path or part of JRE, if related certs not found in agent conf or JRE runtime we see that could result in SSL in machine agent logs.


Following is the documentation for Service Availability Monitoring: