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SampleApp - Problem to connecto to SAAS trial


SampleApp - Problem to connecto to SAAS trial

Hello all, 


please can somebody help me, because i want to check if the variable are well

i'm using the sample appdynamics in the github repository, i manage to compose the 3 tiers 

db is up-to-date
Recreating rest ...
Recreating rest ... done
Recreating web ... done


after this when i try to get the agents i got this error


Incorrect Login/Password
Environment not set for AppDynamics Agents: exiting...
- CONTROLLER_ACCOUNT_NAME= License -> account -> it's the global name or just the name
- CONTROLLER_ACCESS_KEY=License -> account --> it's the hide section
- PORTAL_USERNAME=myemailaddress registered with appdynamics


it's a saas collector with some kind of SSO i only put the user turing

and if i'm logged with my appdynamics accounts sends me to the collector right away


please help me, i want to check all the features from appdynamics 

but all least with a pseudo information







SampleApp - Problem to connecto to SAAS trial