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SSRS ReportServer Agent Installation


SSRS ReportServer Agent Installation

Hi All,


We are working on performance monitoring of Microsoft SSRS report application. Does anyone monitored SSRS Reporting Services using appdynamics?

If yes, could you please help us understand the type of agent we need to install on the SSRS report server?



SSRS ReportServer Agent Installation

Re: SSRS ReportServer Agent Installation

We are planning to implement AppDynamics for SSRS and even SSIS. AppDynamics support provided us with the following instructions:


You need to instrument the standalone SSRS service by adding below configuration in config.xml. You can find more details on instrumenting standalone applications in link below:


  <standalone-application executable="ReportingServicesService.exe">
    <tier name="SSRSTier" />

Enable Thread Correlation for .NET on SSRS tier which get registered in controller UI as mentioned in the link below:

You can also add below POCO and see the BTs discovered based on report names after adding load:
Name : SSRS_POCO(User Defined Name)
Class Name : Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.RenderReportAction
Method Name : PerformExecution


Go To Transaction Splitting Tab
Check the Split .Net Class / Method Transactions using one of the following mechanisms.
Check the Use the .Net Class / Method Object Instance to name Transactions
In the Define match criteria for a .NET class and method which be will an entry point for a Business Transaction text box, enter : m_reportContext.ReportDefinitionPath

Wait for a couple of minutes

Restart the ReportServer Service

Also as mentioned for SSIS, we don't have any Custom Match rule handy but we should be able to figure that out using find-entry-points.Also, we need to check how much code executed in SSIS is actually managed ( .Net based). So you can create new ticket for this if you face some issues with instrumentation


I will share our experience here once we followed these steps.

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Re: SSRS ReportServer Agent Installation



We have configured it but while checking in tier new instances are getting discovered, any idea how to identify it or can we configure only those services which needs to be moinitored.

Also on which pattern do we need to create Business Transactions.


Any suggestions. 

Re: SSRS ReportServer Agent Installation

Hello Michael, 


We are trying to instrument SSIS in our Env. For some reason the App agent doesn't seem to report to the controller or we can't see traffic in AppD UI. 


I have the agent logs uploaded


I also created an AppD ticket : 


Could you help with this instrumentation please?