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Replication between On-premises Primary & Secondary Controllers

We have two controllers installed with HA. Primary and Secondary

Recently failover happened and Controller is running on Secondary.


As per role my Secondary Node is acting as Primary Controller.


I want to replicate the data from Primary (Role) to Secondary (Role)


where should we run ./ ? Node acting as Primary Role  or Node Action as Secondary Role ?


I tried to run it as script on the node which is acting as secondary and getting the below error.


mv: cannot move `/opt/AppDynamics/Controller/logs/replicate.log' to `/opt/AppDynamics/Controller/logs/replicate.log.2021-01-22.11:30:52': Read-only file system




This issue is resolved now. The cause of the issue was - the file system on the node went to read-only mode. Once corrected replication started again.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Good tip @Amanpreet.Bansal. Thanks for sharing. 

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