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Infrastructure (Server, Network, Database)

Process Monitoring Extension


Process Monitoring Extension

Hi Team,


I want to Monitor my Chrome Process count and Memory utilized by individuals chrome process.


Below is the Process Monitoring extension configured. @Nina.Wolinsky @Aditya.Jagtiani @Bhuvnesh.Kumar @Claudia.Landivar 


metricPrefix: "Server|Component:Test1|Custom Metrics|Process Monitor|"
# metricPrefix: "Custom Metrics|Process Monitor|"

# displayName: required - Metrics to be reported under this name in Controller's Metric Browser
# regex/pid/pidFile - process is fetched using this field
- displayName: "machine agent"
regex: ".*java.exe -jar machineagent.jar"

- displayName: "Chrome Monitoring"
regex: ".* chrome.exe"


# Not necessary to modify

process: "ps -eo pid,%cpu=CPU%,%mem=Memory%,rsz=RSS,args"

process: "ps -eo pid,pcpu=CPU%, -o pmem=Memory%, -o rss=RSS -o args"

process: "ps -eo pid,pcpu=CPU%,pmem=Memory%,rss=RSS,args"

- CPU%:
multiplier: 1
- Memory%:
alias: "Memory%"
- RSS:
alias: "Resident Set Size"
- Running Instances:
alias: "Running Instances"

# number of concurrent tasks
numberOfThreads: 2

# This is to run this in scheduled mode. In this case, the extension will fetch the data every 300 seconds
# and caches the data. The cached data will be reported to controller every min. This way there is no metric drop.
# Can be used when the data rarely changes or to reduce the load while fetching metrics every minute.
# numberOfThreads: 1
# taskDelaySeconds: 300

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Process Monitoring Extension
AppDynamics Team

Hi Mohammad, 


Please file a support ticket with your questions regarding the Process Monitoring Extension. 




220151 Support ticket already there. @Aditya.Jagtiani 

Community Manager

Hi @Mohammad Shahid.Raza,


It would be great if you were able to share any learnings from your exchange with support back on your post. This helps keep knowledge sharing alive in the community. 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Created a custom extension for Chrome Monitoring. Process Monitoring extension didn't work as per expectation.