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Not seeing metrics from any machine-agent


When viewing servers (either from "Servers" in the top menu or from the application menu on the left hand menu,) the metrics for CPU, memory, etc. do not show up. Not until I upgraded to 4.3 have I even seen the "machine agent status" shown as "up" when looking at the "Tiers & Nodes" screen. (See attachment) 


I see the the machine agent starts in the logs -- [system-thread-0] 12 Apr 2017 14:40:43,540  INFO SystemAgent - Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully.


I see two errors in the logs, and the first one gets repeated frequently--

[Worker-9] 12 Apr 2017 14:41:43,868  WARN MonitorTaskRunner$1 - ignoring error line:[awk: cmd. line:5: warning: escape sequence `\/' treated as plain `/']
[Worker-4] 12 Apr 2017 14:41:44,879 ERROR ManagedMonitorDelegate - Maximum metrics limit reached [450] no new metrics can be created. This exception will not repeat until restart. Maximum metrics limit reached [450] no new metrics can


What other troubleshooting steps could I try?

What other information do you need to help me troubleshoot?

Would opening a support case be better?



Attached in the full machine-agent.log


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Hi - I am currently seeing the same behavior on my deployment.  Was a resolution ever provided for this issue?



Under the "Servers" tab directly will always be blank unless you are licensed for standalone machine agents ("Server Visibility” licenses.)

If you are using the legacy license or "machine agent" licenses then you can only see the server metrics when viewing them from the "Tiers & Nodes" interface.


If you have navigated to the server information from the tiers and nodes interface and you still are not seeing data then you must set a JVM argument of “-Dappdynamics.agent.uniqueHostId” on both the JVM where the application agent is configured and on the machine agent.


Overall, not being able to see the basic metrics under "servers" is a diffeciency with AppDyanamics. Even if the addition metrics are not available from a "Server Visibiltity" license it would be logical to at least be able to see the basic metrics under servers. Not having it there is just confusing.

Hi Team,


We are facing the same issue in our environment. 


We are facing issue while installing the machine agent service on linux box whose O.S version is as follow:SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64). 
When using the system systemctl command to create the service, it throws up an error that "systemctl" command is not found.

Also, I am not sure whether we need to make changes suggested in below step:

>>Edit the environment variables and options in the service file as needed: 
/etc/systemd/system/appdynamics-machine-agent.service >> /opt/appdynamics/machine-agent/etc/systemd/system/appdynamics-machine-agent.service 
MACHINE_AGENT_HOME: Specifies where the Machine Agent files are located. 
JAVA_HOME: Specifies the JRE the agent uses. The Machine Agent bundles the JRE that we recommend you use, but you can use an existing JRE. (1.7 or higher) 
User: This option in the service file specifies the system user to be used to start the Standalone Machine Agent. By default this is root. AppDynamics recommends that you create a non-root user to run the machine agent. The new user needs to have read-access to controller-info.xml and write access to the log file. See Permissions for Non-Root User to Run the Machine Agent for more details. "MACHINE_AGENT_USER" variable doesn't exist in the systemd service file. 
ExecStart: This option in the service file points to a script that starts the agent as a daemon. If you didn't install the machine agent in /opt/appdynamics/machine-agent, then change the path to <machine-agent-home>/scripts/machine-agent-daemon.>>

The machine agent is able to start and connect to controller but we are finding challenges in making the service.

Please assist.



Anuranjan Kumar

AnuRanjan Kumar

If the suggestions under the reply I "Accepted as the solution" does not help you then I would suggest starting a new post specific to your situation.