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My Sql DB Collector Setup help on SaaS




I am trying to get the db monitoring to work on a SaaS account with MySql and trying to figure out what some of the input fields on the db collector setup are really looking for.


I have a single VM node where I am running the dbagent (and db collector) and it seems to register with the controller on my SaaS account just fine but the dbcollector shows an error. I suspect I don't have the right information in the db collector config.


Specifically, what needs to go in host and port fields? 


Please see attached pictures. Please let me know if there is any recommendation.




I also have attached one more image showing the agent status on controller.



You would need to make sure the DNS/IP ( is mapped to mysql db server host name for value provided in collector edit view in UI, one way to check is the error in UI for host name not allowed is mapped to ip above if not add and remove any firewall/blocking rule and check (telnet dbhost dbport) (telnet 3306) works from db agent java process instance, refer doc for other permissions below:


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Many thanks akumar!

I had to go back and add my hostname into /etc/hosts file  and then go back and re-add dbcollector and that did the trick!


Thanks again!