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Monitoring of AWS managed services


Monitoring of AWS managed services


I'm new to AppDynamics.

I have a number of AWS managed services that I need to monitor, including Lambda, S3, Kinesis Streams and the AWS ElasticSearch service.


I have seen that there are many extensions for AWS managed services, but they seem to require a Permenant server running a machaine agent running in a JVM, which a single tier configured for that machine agent. So to see a nice dashboard will all of my Lambdas on it, it looks to me as if I will need to put up and EC2 for each Lambda, which of course will mean my monitoring will cost me much more than the application I am trying to monitor. Please let me know if I am wrong about this.


I see you have a beta trial for monitoring Lambdas running JVM, but the start up times make JMV based applications impractial for Lambdas. We tried it with a SpringBoot app and ended up rewriting it in NodeJS.


I have been looking for a REST API to post monitoring events to the controller. This would be ideal for me, since all of the AWS managed services are monitored by CloudWatch out of the box, I can easily create alerts in my cloudformation and push them into an SNS topic and a Lambda could post them to the AppDynamics controller. But I can't find any documation on how to do this, so I assume it is not supported.


Does anyone have any better ideas?

Thank you


Monitoring of AWS managed services
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Re: Monitoring of AWS managed services

Have you considered using Syslink Xandria? I've lately came across their multi cloud solution and it looks solid.


Re: Monitoring of AWS managed services

I figure you already got an answer, but if you want to post events to the AppD API:


To push metrics to AppD you can do it two ways:


1. Create a custom extension to run commands and report the metrics:


2. Setup a listener that you can POST metrics to: