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Machine Agent is not associating with tier

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Hi Dears,


I installed the linux machine agent and when I try to associate it I am not able to do, after I choose the Tier it asks to select the node, it does not show anything.


I attached some evidences.


Am I forgetting something?


Thanks in advanced




Could you please explain the use case a little more?

Is this a standlaone machine agent setup you are trying to do or you already have a java agent on this linux host and want to install a machine agent as well?


For the later case, ideally if the hostname for both java agent and machine agent are same, they are linked/associated to the app(s) and its tier(s) automatically.

To check the host name, you can click on 

Settings > AppDynamics Agents > Machine Agents for machine agent host name and 

Settings > AppDynamics Agents > Machine Agents for App agent host name



Not applicable



I used the Standalone Agent and I don't have Java Agent on Server. 


Actually this is my first agent I have installed after installed EC and Controller. Is it possible? Or the Controller will not reconize anything before install some app agent?




If you are using standalone machine agent without any app-agent- you can give the application-name, tier-name and node-name where you want to see the metrics-- you can refer to this doc for more information. 


or you can wait for the Appd experts to look into your case if this doesnt help