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How can I monitor Disk space on windows machine?



I installed machine agents with server visibility (2 servers) & also .NET agents (20 servers), now I want to monitor my disk partitions free/used space, is this possible for .NET agent? Is this possible for machine agent with server visibility with no extra custom metrics/monitors/extensions used?


Document says disk partitions space used/free can be possible by basic agent, but I dont know how. Please advise.






AppDynamics Team

.Net Agent picks all the counters from Windows Perfmon. Based on your requirement you can further configure .Net Agent to collect additional perfmon counters.


This is explained in following document -


I think what you are looking for is "Free Megabytes" or "% Free Space" counters under "LogicalDisk" category where instance will be C:,D: etc


Following is an example on how <machine-agent> section of .net agents config.xml will look like below after you include these counters -

      <perf-counter cat="LogicalDisk" name="Free Megabytes" instance="C:" />
      <perf-counter cat="LogicalDisk" name="% Free Space" instance="C:" />
<perf-counter cat="LogicalDisk" name="Free Megabytes" instance="_Total" /> <perf-counter cat="LogicalDisk" name="% Free Space" instance="_Total" /> </perf-counters>

These will show up at Controller UI at Metric Browser at following path or at Individual Node level

Application Infrastructure Performance|<Tier Name>|Custom Metrics|....

Note : You will need to restart the Agent Coordinator Service after making any edits to Config.xml.


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Hi Tripathi,


Thanks for the reply and for the example config. Yes, I am looking for the free space available but with out using perf counters, Is there any option for that?


My other requirement is, can I monitor free disk space on a server which has server visibility enable (machine-agent), without using any perf-counter/monitors/extensions?


Please advise