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Getting same info event repeatedly for Network Visibility Agent


Hi Team,


Repeatedly I am getting below event :

Network Visibility Agent registered successfully.


Does it means network agent is getting auto restarted that is why it is getting registered multiple times into AppDynamics Controller?






Hi Pratik,


I would agree with you. I think that is indicating that the agent is restarting in some way. If you look at the documentation below:


On the bottom "Network Visibility Agent registered successfully." is a "Start" event, meaning it would be created with the agent is started. So that info message will be sent every time, it is just an info message though.

Hi Steven,

Why network agent is getting auto restarted?
If possible kindly provide permanent solution to deal with it.


Hello again Pratik,


I am just a fellow AppDynamics User.

I don't have a solution for you I would need a lot more information.

I suggest reaching out to support. 

Hi @Pratik.Upadhyay,


You could also reach out to your AppD Rep if you happen to have contact with them, if not, perhaps your AppD Admin will know who it is.


If you do find the answer, be sure to share that back on your post, please. This helps keep the knowledge sharing across the community.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi @Pratik.Upadhyay 

Did you ever get feedback from AppD Support on this?
We are noticing the same event come up continuously for an App that has NetViz Agents.